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It's been hardly a month that I started uploading pictures to my DA account, and I'm already astonished about all the positive feedback. Well, admittedly, I did a lot of shameless self promoting by submitting my pictures to several group galleries, but anyway: Thanks to everyone who took the time to have a look at my works!
  • Listening to: Van Canto and Dr. Steel
  • Reading: 'Gentlemen of the Road' by Michael Chabon
  • Watching: Battlestar Galactica (Season 3)
  • Playing: Mage: The Awakening
Well, here I am.

I've been browsing Deviant Art for quite a while now, mainly searching for photographs and photomanipulations to illustrate NPCs for an urban fantasy rpg campaign. Getting bored on merely modifying photographs to suit the mood and theme of the campaign, I've started doing photomanipulations for their own sake now, using Photoshop and stock images. The first handful of early results can be seen in my gallery. Please have a look, and feel free to comment!